Wi-Fi NOW International 2019 in London UK

November 12 to November 14, 2019ILEC Conference Centre (Fulham)47 Lillie Road, London, SW6 1UD, United Kingdom
Wi-Fi NOW is the only public expo and conference event in the world exclusively dedicated to Wi-Fi. This November we’re bringing the entire Wi-Fi industry together for three days of all things Wi-Fi in the global high-tech capital of London UK. Our goal is to promote Wi-Fi everywhere, for everyone – including IoT. Our mission is to drive the industry forward by sharing the latest business-critical information and by connecting attendees to each other and to the global Wi-Fi leaders.
At this year’s Wi-Fi NOW International we’re zooming in on the following themes:

  • Wi-Fi 6: A great leap forward for connectivity everywhere
  • On a mission: More spectrum for Wi-Fi in the 6 GHz band
  • Next-generation Wi-Fi for the hyper-connected smart home
  • Wi-Fi IoT: A mass-market opportunity today 
  • Security, performance, monetization: Powering the new wireless enterprise
  • Unlicensed & licensed FWA for the next generation Wi-Fi-powered WISP
  • Connecting the unconnected with Wi-Fi & unlicensed bands
  • Mobility & convergence for carriers

This year’s Wi-Fi NOW International event will also feature the Wi-Fi NOW 2019 Awards – for more read here. For this event we’re also partnering with with UK Spectrum Policy Forum for a deep-dive seminar on 6 GHz unlicensed spectrum demands on November 14. More information to be made available on our website here.
WISPA UK members will receive discount on tickets. Contact WISPA UK for more info

September 2018 Members Meeting Agenda

20 September 2018


Venue: –

Park Inn by Radisson

York City Centre, North St, York, YO1 6JD


09:00 Arrival and coffee

09:30 Introductions in Room and welcome to new members – Hal Ponton, UKWISPA

10:15 Introducing the new UKWISPA Quality Assurance Programme – David Burns, UKWISPA

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 Panel Discussion and Questions from the Floor – Hal Ponton, UKWISPA

12:00 60GHz Spectrum Changes, what does this offer? – Luke O’Kelly, Siklu Communications

12:30 Buffet Lunch

13:30 Spectrum Updates – Nigel King, UKWISPA

13:40 Sharing Spectrum – the Nominet Vision – Adam Leach, Nominet UK

14:10 A collaborative approach to safety at height – George Taylor, Caudata

14:30 Teltonika as your OOBM friend? – Ian Bushrod, MS Dist

14:45 Access to the Church Conservation Trust Properties – Fiona Elliott, CCT

15:00 Branding MikroTIK Routers – Marty George, Boundless

15:30 Summary, Actions and Next Meeting – David Burns, UKWISPA

16:00 Coffee and Meet the Sponsors/Member Networking

16:30 Departure

March 2018 Members Meeting Review

Warm thanks to all those who attended Our first Members Meeting in Edinburgh

22nd March 2018 at Radisson Blu, Royal Mile Edinburgh

We had a fantastic turnout, with over 70 attendees. Special thanks to the Scottish Government who helped fund this meeting.

The agenda was:

08:30 Arrival and coffee
09:00 Introductions in Room and welcome to new members – David Burns, UKWISPA
09:30 Panel Discussion and Questions from the Floor – David Burns, UKWISPA
10:15 Geospatial Planning – John Powell, Emapsite
10:40 Coffee Break
11:00 Independent Coverage Mapping – Oliver Johnson, Point Topic
11:15 INCA and WISPA Collaboration Opportunities – Malcolm Corbett, INCA
11:30 Building a Future-proof Scalable Wireless Network – Yaron Ziv, Radwin
12:00 Migration to Horns 101 – Jakub Sivak, RF Elements
12:20 Buffet Lunch
13:30 Spectrum Updates – Nigel King/David Burns, UKWISPA
13:40 Ofcom’s work with Wireless ISPs – Huw Saunders, Ofcom
13:50 The Scottish Government R100 Programme – Clive Downing, Scottish Government
14:15 Antenna Myth busting – Jim Syme, Commscope
14:40 Ubiquiti Airmax AC Product Update – Dallin Kauffman, Ubiquiti Networks
15:10 Wholesale Opportunities for ISPs – Steve Jagger, Quickline
15:30 Summary, Actions and Next Meeting – David Burns, UKWISPA
16:00 Coffee and Meet the Sponsors/Member Networking
16:30 Departure

This meeting was helped by the direct support of the Scottish Government, as well as help from our Gold Technology members; Cambium Networks, RF Elements, MS Dist, Rapid Wireless, Mimosa, Ubiquiti, Skylinks and Purdicom.

Firstly, we would like to welcome new members to UKWISPA: –
– Orbital/Vfast, Kent
– Village Networks, Buckinghamshire
– Ultrafast Networks, Aberdeenshire and Glasgow
– Wifi Scotland, Rothes Valley
– Wildanet, Cornwall
– Cromarty Firth Wireless Broadband
– Cloudnet Solutions, Highlands and Islands
– Back of Beyond Broadband, Argyll
– Legend Wireless, Bradford
– Airefibre, South Wales
– Bliss Internet, Treeton
– Lochielnet, Fort William
– Two new individual members; Steve Karmeinski and Kevin Titmarsh

As usual, our Experts Panel, featuring Duncan Nisbet (Scottish Government), Shaffin Jaffer (Kencomp), Steve Jagger (Quickline) and Malcolm Corbett (INCA) was a lively and interesting opportunity for members to discuss and debate issues of the day. Topics covered included access to additional bands such as 3.6GHz, whether and how the Government and Ofcom are helping the industry and what are the minimum speeds and service levels that WISPs should offer to clients to maintain sustainable relevance. In particular, the most active areas of interest were how to manage overbuild protection, whether WISPs should offer indoor Wifi support, that we should coordinate our approach to requesting spectrum access – especially with MNOs and requests for up to date BDUK contacts. (these now added to the members area).

Emapsite entertained us with an overview of what can be achieved and visualised with geospatial planning. Their presentation is available HERE.

Oliver Johnson from Point Topic showed progress to date with their independent mapping and coverage work, where UKWISPA and INCA have cooperated in order to build a coverage map for Altnets. Of particular interest is the latest estimate that over 2 million premises are passed by UK Fixed Wireless operators. Members continued support to this initiative is urged and we look forward to seeing the forthcoming Point Topic report. Point Topic’s presentation is available HERE.

Malcolm Corbett, CEO of INCA covered several initiatives and opportunities for UKWISPA and INCA to work on together. These include the mapping work with Point Topic, joint activity regarding access to spectrum and a potential Rural Broadband Summit in November 2018. Malcolm introduced an initiative funded by UKWISPA and a number of technology vendors to invite Plum Consulting to produce a report into the benefits of shared spectrum access in the 3.6 to 3.8GHz band. We will provide further information about this important initiative presently. Malcolm’s presentation is available HERE.

Yaron Ziv from Radwin showed some extremely interesting new technology building on their existing beamforming ‘Jet’ platform. Key new features planned for release in the coming months include multi-band support (5 and 3.6GHz) in the same box, as well as 5 and 60GHz meshing technology. This would allow extremely high speed local networks that can provide both access and self-backhaul across business parks and urban areas. Please contact Radwin for further details.

Jakub Sivak from RF Elements presented a really helpful set of guidelines and planning considerations for getting the maximum benefit from deploying their symmetric horn technology. The specific characteristics of these antennas can dramatically improve performance in crowded or noisy environments if deployed thoughtfully. The RF Elements presentation is available HERE.

David Burns and Nigel King on behalf of UKWISPA discussed four current and recent activities that we have been working on.
1. Responding to the recent Ofcom consultation into the future of fixed wireless spectrum access.
2. Lobbying with Ofcom and Government influencers in relation to Ofcom’s planned spectrum auction in the 3.6-3.8GHz band. This is a potentially important band for WISPs, as it is very unlikely that MNOs would use this band outside of urban areas but the attenuation through foliage is upto 30dB better than 5.8GHz. This could make a huge difference to WISPs’ ability to deliver NGA broadband cost effectively to more subscribers, as low cost equipment is likely to become available in this band within the next 12-months or so.
3. UKWISPA, with support from INCA and key industry stakeholders have commissioned Plum Consulting to prepare a report into the value of our industry and the opportunities for us to deliver greater value to the UK economy with appropriate access to spectrum (in particular, but not limited to the 3.6GHz band).
4. Lobbying for policy change in relation to allocation of spectrum. It is our contention that spectrum policy is lagging behind the needs of the UK economy. Ofcom shows some willingness to adopt dynamic spectrum, or shared spectrum licensing, but the pace of change will be too late to service the needs of the UK. Other countries have already recognised that spectrum utilisation is very inefficient if granted on a national basis. This limits the number of wireless services that can be deployed as well as potential license revenue. We will continue to lobby and argue for urgent changes to spectrum policy to accommodate shared or dynamic management by default.

Huw Saunders from Ofcom covered the extremely important progress being made to include WISP coverage in the Ofcom Connected Nations Report. The goal for Ofcom is to have a truly comprehensive and concise picture of broadband access by property across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. To this end, Ofcom is now beginning to formally engage with WISPs to request coverage information. Huw’s presentation is available HERE.

Duncan Nisbet from the Scottish Government presented the latest update on their £600M plans to provide NGA broadband coverage for 100% of Scottish homes and businesses. The presentation is available HERE.

Jim Syme, our guest presenter from Commscope gave an enlightening presentation into the merits and differences that come from high grade Class 3 and Class 4 antennas. Jim’s presentation is available HERE.

We were delighted to have Dallin Kauffman from Ubiquiti joined us for the first time. Ubiquiti is one of the most significant manufacturers in our sector and Dallin gave an overview of their latest product developments and management software. Dallin’s presentation is available HERE.

Steve Jagger from WISP Quickline Communications and their owners Satellite Solutions Worldwide, presented an interesting opportunity to partner with them where WISPs get sales leads but have no existing coverage. Their presentation is available HERE.

January 2018 Members Meeting – London

Please confirm your attendance at January’s Members Meeting in London.
Here is our latest agenda

09:00 Arrival and coffee
09:15 Introductions in Room and welcome to new members – David Burns, UKWISPA
09:45 Operational and Technical Panel Discussion – Questions from the Floor
10:30 10-minute Vendor Updates
– Cambium Networks – Dan McCarthy
– Purdicom – Mark Lamont
– Azotel – John O’Hare
11:00 Wireless Case Study – Alan Cartledge – Rapid Wireless
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 New Stuff on the Block Updates – Ian Bushrod – MS Dist
12:15 Government Scheme Updates – Matt Agar – DDCMS
12:45 Buffet Lunch
14:00 Ofcom and Regulatory Updates – David Burns
14:15 5G Challenges and Opportunities – John Okas – Real Wireless
14:45 UKWISPA WiFi Application Preview – David Burns – UKWISPA
15:00 TV White Space and Dynamic Spectrum Management – Adam Leach – Nominet
15:30 Mimosa Update/Case Study – John Speakman – Mimosa
15:50 Summary and Next Meeting – David Burns – UKWISPA
16:00 Coffee and Meet the Sponsors/Member Networking
17:00 Departure


UKWISPA October 2017 Update

New Members
We are delighted to welcome 14 new Members of UKWISPA over the past 3-months. These include both WISPs and technology partners.
New Member List:
• Inifi Ltd
• Highland wireless
• Unify Wireless
• Skylinks
• Cloudnet IT Solutions
• Husky Networks
• Broadway Partners
• Net1 (NI) Limited
• DiViNetworks Ltd
• Fibercast Ltd
• Ubiquiti Networks
• Rapid Wireless (awaiting payment)
• Emapsite.com Limited (awaiting payment)
• Back of Beyond Broadband (awaiting payment)

We will send more information introducing our new members shortly.

September Members Meeting
Our September 2017 meeting was our biggest yet, with nearly 60 attendees. We were very pleased to see Ofcom, DCMS and the CLA join us for this meeting too.

Highlights from the meeting: –

Panel Discussion.
Our panel of Wireless Industry Intellectuals included Eamonn Cooney from Ceragon, Andrew McKeever, new member from Net1 in Ireland, Darren Kilburn from DCMS, Ian Bushrod from MS Dist and Andrew Gale from ASG Group. Several topics were covered including some interesting ideas about differentiation for WISPs who may be interested in offering more comprehensive indoor WiFi coverage services. The possibility of a UKWISPA mobile App was discussed that may help operators to survey and manage expectations of end users better.

Launch of UKWISPA’s new ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Scheme.
It is a regulatory requirement for WISPs to give its customers access to an Ofcom-approved ADR Scheme. We are delighted to announce that UKWISPA is launching our ADR scheme in conjunction with the Ombudsman Service from October 2017. More details will be posted directly and on our Members Area of the website, but we can confirm that access to the scheme is free of charge to WISP Members.

John Deering from RADWIN shared an incredible case study of the deployment of their JET product family with targeted beamforming in an extraordinarily high noise location. This allowed the WISP to dramatically improve the speeds and service levels available to its customers. A new engineer setup app was also launched, simplifying and accelerating CLE setup times.

Ceragon Update
Mike Ord from Skylinks, who are a new member and distributor for Ceragon gave us an update on the IP20 range of point to point radios. These include the same consistent operating platform from 5GHz through to E-band 80GHz, making engineer training simpler and less expensive than a mixed environment. IP20 is performance license and hardware upgradeable carrier-class across the range and is available from stock in the UK.

DCMS Voucher Scheme Update
Darren Kilburn is the Commercial Lead at DCMS for the new Government-backed Gigabit Connection Voucher Scheme that is about to launch. Wave 1 will cover selected parts of the UK and will be used as a proving and test exercise for the Scheme. Headlines are that UK SME’s can claim a voucher for up to £3,000 to install gigabit-capable broadband connections. A £500 voucher is also being tried in the Bristol area for residential customers. UKWISPA is seeking to improve the Scheme further as we actively participate in the Steering Group and will be updating Members in due course. A copy of Darren’s presentation will be made available once signed off.

Ofcom Update
We were once again pleased to see Richard Moore from Ofcom’s Spectrum team at our Members Meeting. Richard covered two areas, including access to Spectrum and inclusion in the Connected Nations Report. Richard updated Members on the 3.8-4.2Ghz band, which does have some users including 28 Satellite earth stations and 65 fixed links which are largely in London or the extremities of the British Isles. Whilst Members cannot use this spectrum for commercial use at this time, Ofcom is keen to consider further proposals in this space. Richard provided the following extract and links:
“Given the type and location of use in the 3.8GHz to 4.2GHz band, we think this band has potential for shared access between existing and future users based on geographically defined authorisations and are minded to develop proposals to facilitate this, including further consideration of database solutions for dynamic spectrum access.”
3.8 GHz to 4.2 GHz band: Opportunities for Innovation
Applying for Non-Operational Licences
e-mail us at: 3.8-4.2GHz.Sharing@ofcom.org.uk

Richard is also working on how WISPs can be represented properly in the annual Ofcom Connected Nations Report. This document is extremely well read by the media and politicians and UKWISPA is delighted to assist in information gathering. Ideally, a fully qualified Coverage Map for Fixed Wireless Access would be included, but this will no doubt take time to get right and resource effectively. First steps are in hand now to include information from selected WISPs in the December 2017 report and Ofcom will be writing to operators for information requests. Next steps are: –
• Issue draft information requests for comment covering both coverage and take-up
• Final information requests later in October
• Data collection early November

UKWISPA Regulatory Matters
Nigel King, who is the CTO for Cambium Networks and represents UKWISPA gave an update on current lobbying activities. In summary, these are: –
1. RTTT Spectrum obstruction in 5.8GHz band
• Progress is being made and we are expecting a relaxation of the rules in early 2018. This will significantly improve the efficiency of access to Band-C, as it removed an irritating 20MHz notch in this important frequency for WISPs.
2. National Auction of 3.4-3.6GHz in 2017
• The Auction is currently on hold due to legal disputes between Ofcom and a Mobile operator. UKWISPA is also unhappy about the approach to the auction and Ofcom’s approach and we intend to continue to press Ofcom hard about their statutory obligations to allow better access to this band.
3. National Auction of 3.6-3.8GHz in 2019
• This is planned for auction in 2019 and UKWISPA will press hard for this to be fair and compliant with Ofcom’s duties in respect of spectrum efficiency, access by all consumers and EU directive to include Fixed access in its use.
4. A first consultation into 26GHz for 5G the pioneer band
• We have submitted a response to the consultation, requesting that an area of this spectrum, which is over 3GHz, to be made available to WISPs on a light licensed basis. We have set out a case for urban PtPMP and rural PtP for backhaul.
5. USO Consultation October
• No plan to respond at this time, but open to input from Members.
6. Code Powers Planning Rights
• Currently, there is an extension to Code Operator Powers that allows telegraph poles and cabinets to be installed in the UK without the need for Prior Notice. This has been in place since 2012 and was set up for the benefit of BT. There is no mention of antennas in the legislation and the provision is set to expire in Spring 2018. UKWISPA will lobby for these powers to be extended if possible.

Member Presentation – Remote Site Power
Dudley Rees is one of the founders of Gigabeam, who are a relatively new WISP and have been learning to deal with the challenges of building and growing a successful WISP with excellent customer service. Dudley shared a presentation of the challenges and solutions they experienced in relation to remote mains power. Gigabeam have built their own UPS, which significantly outlasts and out-performs commercially available units that are designed for office use. Members shared their own suggestions for further refinement, including positive experience with the DC version of the Netonix WISPswitch. David Burns also showed Members a Methanol Fuel Cell that has been in use at Boundless Networks for around a year, which provides long term supplementary power to off-grid sites.

Member Presentation – Unequal Load Balancing across Wireless Networks
Hal Ponton from Buzcom showed how to use multiple disparate backhaul links to a site such that both connections can be fully utilised as well as providing resilience where the backhauls are of different speeds. Hal recently proved this using a mixture of multiple layer 2 connections split across connections, with routing protocols such as iBGP where ISIS is not available, as well as OSPF. This method is substantially more efficient than having spare redundant capacity running to a site.

CLA and UKWISPA Working Together
Libby Bateman joined us from the Country Land and Business Owners Association (CLA), which represents owners and managers of around half of the land mass in the UK. Libby set out the case for UKWISPA and the CLA to work together to build a voluntary code of conduct or Memorandum of Understanding that makes working together easier, less costly, faster and safer. We will be working with Libby to compose an initial draft of this in the coming weeks and we are hopeful that an announcement will be made by early 2018.

Dates for 2018 Members Meetings: –
18.01.2018 – London
22.03.2018 – Edinburgh
14.06.2018 – Southampton
20.09.2018 – York

We would like to prepare some standardised training for all WISP Members in the coming months. The purpose of the training will be to help UKWISPA Members get the best out of their membership, but moreover, to become good neighbours and to be aware of key rules and regulations to help you to operate lawfully. We will send further information on how you can access this training in due course.

We are also interested to hear your views on what other training would be interesting to you so that we can either develop our own courses (funds permitting), or work with professional training providers such as LinITX or MS Dist to prepare courses for you. We will send a formal survey about this in October, but if you would like to make any suggestions in the meantime, please email Dilya.

Improving UKWISPA
As ever, we welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can improve UKWISPA for its Members. Please contact Dilya or David with any suggestions and ideas that will be of benefit to you and other Members.

David Burns
October 2017

UKWISPA Members Meeting – 28th September 2017

Please get ready for our September 2017 Members Meeting.

Several new members have joined over the Summer and we are expecting this to be our best meeting yet!

Click Here to view the agenda

The venue is: –
Crowne Plaza Newcastle – Stephenson Quarter
Hawthorn Square, Forth Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3SA
Telephone 0191 5623333

For any enquiries, if you’d like to present or sponsor this event, please call 03333 660036
or email info@ukwispa.org