Updated June 2019

David Burns

David is the founder and chairman of the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (UKWISPA). He is also the managing director of Boundless Networks who provide high speed internet services to around 5,000 wireless subscribers in Yorkshire and Lancashire. David is also co-founder of Wireless Coverage Ltd, the developer of the internationally-acclaimed 5G and WISP network modelling system, WISDM.

David has enjoyed a successful career in a number of high technology and software firms over the past 30 years and has developed several award winning software innovations in areas such as natural language processing and mobile mapping.

Nigel King

Nigel represents UKWISPA for all matters Reglatory, such as fair access to spectrum and planning. Nigel is highly regarded globally in the wireless industry and has been responsible for the design and development of a number of leading wireless technologies over an extremely illustrious career. Nigel is the group Chief Technology Officer at Cambium Networks.

Hal Ponton

Hal Ponton is the Senior Network Engineer for Buzcom and FibreWiFi, the leading Wireless Internet Service Provider for the East of England.

Hal joined in 2012 and has played an integral role in overhauling the network and designing robust redundancy to keep customers connected to the Internet.

Prior to joining Buzcom and FibreWiFi Hal worked as a field engineer in IT support for companies in Essex. 

Outside of work Hal enjoys Snooker, Bowling, and Scuba Diving.

George Taylor

Ian Bushrod

Working in the communications industry since the late 1980s, Ian held both engineering and educational roles before founding MS (Distribution) UK Ltd in 2002. Serving the needs of the UK’s Wireless ISP industry with leading products and services, the company is a leading distribution partner for many of UKWISPA’s members.

Ian is passionate about wireless technology and believes that, when deployed correctly, it has the ability to solve many issues that exist in today’s increasingly connected world. His role within UKWISPA honours his experience and contribution to this industry, and he is always on hand and happy to advocate its member organisations to any that have an ear to listen.